From pottery wheel parties to animal sculpting we can host a themed party to excite your child and all their friends.

Our parties last 2 hours and will include creative activities for 90 minutes and 30 minutes for party food. Usually the children make between 2-3 creations, using coloured clay slip to decorate

Party Types

These are some of the themed parties we host, however if you have your own ideas then please feel free to enquire...

Harry Potter Party

All things magical!

The children create 2-3 items in clay, including a clay magic wand, miniature door and cauldron and a sorting hat. It is a great party for those who wish to create their own magic!

Unicorn Party

Everyone love Unicorns!

The children get to create Unicorn themed cups, each with their own unique identity! They also then  decorate and create a unicorn plaque with their name on to hang on their wall at home. 

Alice in Wonderland

A brilliant themed party!

You will make your own designed teacup in the theme of Wonderland, along with creating a cupcake trinket pot in clay

Zombie & Monster Party

For all things gory and glorious!

You will be creating your unique character monster in clay and casting your own fingers in alginate to recreate zombie fingers!


Choose your favourite animal!

Sculpt your favourite animals, turn a pot into an animal shape or make a animal themed name plate. We can help you and your guests carefully create your favourite animals as a wild keep-sakes from your special day.

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Party Food & Decorations

We cannot provide food at our parties, but will welcome you bringing your food own and cake.  We also recommend Ursula's Kitchen, who makes great children's party food, which can be themed also. Please get in touch with Ursula directly for this. We provide cups, plates and napkins, plus decorations, however you are also welcome to bring your own.  

Making a Booking

Parties can be booked for either Saturday or Sunday, or during the week 4-6pm. We normally ask for a minimum of 6 week’s notice to book a party and a £50 payment to secure the date. All parties cost £15 per child and we can host upto a maximum of 8 children.

For all party enquiries or to book, please contact Nicola.

07505 762450

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